What If You Don’t Want Captcha On Website?

This shouldn’t come as surprise we spend a great deal of time’ solving Captcha and even knowing the fact that it is a security essential for so many websites; it will be a frustrating experience for several users. Because of too many disadvantages from the human users which also include the use of 2 Captcha which is a Captcha solving application those users will need to use when they will not be able to solve the Captcha and it will happen too often. 

Why Hating Captcha Is Real?

Captcha, even at its best can be a frustrating part of internet security on so many levels and it isn’t limited to the users but the website owners have to face the problem with Capcha as well such as:

Not Easy For Everyone

Captcha meant to be hard on spam bot which is fine but the problem arise when the user started to complain about the difficulty level of the Captcha they had to decipher as there were history questions which is something not everyone will have an idea and by the time when they got the answer the Captcha will have expired and they have to do the drill again. This is why they have to resort to the 2captcha API to get the Captcha solved the problem was not everyone had the Captcha solving application access and they often have to leave the page.

Affect on SEO

As mentioned earlier then the user may leave the page because of the Cptcha difficulty but when the webpage owners put too much emphasis on the security and post Captcha many times, this will be a frustrating experience for the users and they will leave the website for a better option. Not only this will be affecting the website traffic but it will also be increasing the bounce rate and thus affect the overall ranking of the website and with all of your effort, your website will still be doing badly because of Captcha.

Frustrating User Experience

Just imagine you found a website that has to offer great information and data regarding what you are looking for and you found everything on point. However, every time you reload the page or go further a Captcha will appear to see if you are human. If this sounds frustrating to you then this would be for everyone who is visiting your website with this situation. Though users may opt for the captcha app if they can’t then they will simply look for an alternative.

Alternative for Captcha

If you are not sure that Captcha is your thing or not then the following are the alternative to captcha that you can use for a better experience.

Captcha with Gaming

As we all know that Captcha is widely used for security but the process of Captcha solving isn’t fun and this option though is a form of Captcha but the process is a bit fun. This involves the users dragging and dropping the item to prove them human. The process of anti-spamming that involves gaming allows users to complete the Captcha without using any 2captcha bot. This could get more fun and creative by complimenting existing brand language into Captcha such as a construction company can involve building blocks to complete the wall or a car company can add car parts to complete the car and things alike.

Though spam protection involving gaming is a great idea and it should be applauded but the problem is it will still consume time as users will have to perform this even for a simple task such as submission of the form. Some users may take quite some time to complete this and it would be tough to figure out how they would be reacting towards it. While the idea of not using 2 Captca while completing Captha is great, the possibility of frustration by users to complete the Captcha is possible.

Use of Slider

This is a simple tool that uses the basic interaction of clicking and sliding of the bottom from left to right to prove you are human and you are done. This tool is also great because it will not be visible for bots but it will be visible for humans so only human users can solve it, unlike Captch that would be visible (mostly) to everyone. The slider interaction is great and almost every iPhone user is familiar with it. Though users will believe that it will send the forum which should be an option but it will just activate the send button. For a better experience, you can simply add text such as “slide to activate the button” for better convenience.

Simple Checkbox

A simple checkbox button would be placed on the form that the user will either have to select or unselect. This is a pretty simple task that won’t require any 2captcha to be used to complete and the user will complete it too quickly without a second thought. The simplicity of this makes it a great alternative to Captcha. However, the only problem with this could be the check box text that might confuse the users who don’t have any idea what is a spam bot with ‘I’m not a spambots’ text. So it is better to put the text like “I am not a robot” with the link to “why am I being asked” for better understanding for the users. Also, for better performance, don’t add anywhere text such as spam detection tool and add “select this box to submit/send your query” for the convenience of users. 

Final Words

Captca is undoubtedly one of the most proficient ways to secure your website and forums. However, the problem with Captcha is the fact that users aren’t happy with the results how it can ruin their online surfing experience and this is why looking for alternatives can do a lot for users. All you need is to make sure that you have implemented with right text and information so users will not be misled. As a user, when you are stuck with the Captcha then you can use anti-captcha API, a Captcha solving service that can solve Captca with human inelegance at a fraction of cost.

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