Best and Easy Ways to Design an Attractive Landing Page

A landing page is a website that has a purpose. Its goal is to convert potential customers into visitors. They contain lead forms which ask visitors to provide their contact details in exchange for a valuable offer.

Well-designed landing pages will encourage a significant number of people to send their contact information and therefore become sales opportunities.

But first, you need to know what is a good conversion rate for a landing page.


Create a headline that focuses on the benefits

At least seven people will leave your landing page for every ten visitors. To reduce bounce rates and capture users’ attention, visitors must know what they will receive seconds after logging in.

Your title will be the first thing that they read. It must therefore be concise, clear, and action-oriented. The title should tell the visitor what they will get and how to get it.


Include an image to illustrate the offer

It is mandatory to use a relevant image on the busin landing pages. This can be a cartoon or a video. For this, you will need to choose an image that is similar to your target audience.

This is intended to communicate a feeling, It should show how the visitor will feel when they see your offer. You have to choose carefully, as some images will work better than others.


Write compelling content

Don’t just focus on creating the perfect title or finding vlone the ideal image. Also, explain the importance and value of the offer to buyers. This is easier once the visitor becomes a potential sales opportunity.

Content must be distributed so that the first sentence between 1-3 lines is dedicated to describing what the offer consists of, and the second paragraph explains the benefits they will receive from it. The length and information requested in the fields must reflect the value offered.

It can be used to ask for the least amount of information possible on your form to lower the barrier to entry. To nurture a potential client, a first name, e-mail, and last name are enough.

Content must be placed on the first page so the visitor doesn’t have to scroll his mouse.


Add a CTA that is clear and visible

It is important to note that the pre-landing call to action is not the only element of your landing page. There are many other elements that drive conversion.

The CTA button needs to be highlighted by using a color contrast with the other elements of the page, and by being clear about what you would like visitors to do.

Use an action verb to make it clear, such as “send”, “download”, or “get it right now”. Use words that are relevant to your landing page and offer.


All Navigation Removed

Any links that are not relevant, such as internal links on other pages of your website, can distract you from this goal.

Remove all other links, menus, and navigation bars to draw the attention of your visitors. You should ensure that the submit button and visible website are easily accessible.


Share on Social Networks

Emails, social media posts, and your blog will help you attract visitors to your landing page. We can also increase traffic by increasing our visitors.

It is useful that the icons for social networks are added so visitors can share the content on their profiles and we gain a wider reach.


Thank You Page

Don’t forget to include a thank you page on your website after the customer completes your form. This serves three purposes:

  • Offer the visitor what you promised.
  • Allows you to engage your new prospects with additional relevant content
  • It is also a great opportunity to say thank you for their interest in your offer. This will help them become customers shortly.

Follow these tips and the visitor will be more likely to fill out the application form.

This will increase the chances of the company increasing sales. Also, to learn more ways and practical advice contact our marketing experts at Digital Specialist.

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