The Dos and Don’ts of Crisis Communication: How to Handle Negative Publicity

If you own or run a beauty company, you may face a communication crisis or negative publicity at some point. Since these sorts of issues are unavoidable, learn how to handle them before they arise. Hiring a beauty PR agency can help with a communication crisis. It can also help to adhere to the following dos and don’ts when dealing with negative publicity:


Do Prepare a Crisis Communication Plan

Prepare a detailed crisis communication plan to address negative responses from the public. Get the management team on board when creating the plan so everyone knows what to say if they get questions regarding the crisis. Your communication plan should also detail what not to say when addressing the public.

A good crisis communication plan should relay protocol to all people the media may approach to speak on behalf of the company. It should also have guidelines for employees on how to respond when asked about the crisis issue. Clarifying protocols can help employees and administrators avoid explaining comments from unofficial company representatives.

Do Appoint Official Company Representatives

A quick response is sometimes necessary during a communication crisis to avoid further speculation. It can be hard to give an appropriate and timely response when multiple untrained individuals speak for the company. Have a trained response team ready that you can call upon as official company representatives when facing negative publicity.

A good response team comprises people with in-house knowledge of the organization and external experts who can view the situation from an outsider’s perspective. Your official company representatives can communicate with journalists and the public as soon as the story comes out, making it easier to control the narrative.

Do Communicate With All Concerned Parties

Be upfront with the public and all stakeholders involved and let them know what is happening before they get secondhand information from the media. Open communication can give you credibility and help you correct misinformation quickly.

Once you go public with any stories on your company, you can become the first point of information for the media. That means journalists can readily approach your company representatives instead of seeking information from unofficial parties.

Do Highlight Your Response Actions

In most negative publicity scenarios, the public is interested in seeing what steps you have taken to rectify the problematic situation. A Beauty PR Agency is handy here as they can devise a strategy to publicize your corrective steps.

As you take action, identify positive developments toward remedying the crisis. Work with a PR agency to create a positive narrative around your brand to help you recover from the negative publicity.


Don’t Withhold Information or Lie

If you go silent on an issue, the public could interpret your silence as an admission of guilt. Withholding information can also leave outsiders to take over the role of collecting and disseminating information about the situation.

Be responsive to the public’s questions and channel all relevant information to one credible news outlet to control what information is accessible. Never lie when asked about the situation.

Don’t Be Afraid to Disagree with the Media

During a communication crisis, it can be easy for inaccurate information to spread. Correct false or unfair reports about the situation immediately to keep the general public from accepting wrong information as facts.

Do not argue with the media. Counter false information with facts. Avoid challenging media outlets in public settings, such as press briefs, as this can create further controversy. Go to news outlets with accurate information to kill false press coverage.

Don’t Create an Information Vacuum

Once an issue is in the public domain, people seek constant updates on the story. Long periods of silence could foster speculations, which may cause things to get further out of control. Communicate with news outlets regularly to keep the public updated with accurate information.

Even when there are no new developments, provide regular statements that show your concern and interest in resolving the issue.

Don’t Expect the Public To Trust You

Negative publicity can shake even your most loyal supporters’ confidence. People may want proof they can trust your company after a negative report. Work with public relations experts who can evaluate your situation and advise you on how to work it out favorably. A PR expert can also help you develop a strategy to win back public trust.

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Hire a Beauty PR Agency Today

When negative publicity is handled appropriately, your business can recover and continue thriving. Following the above dos and don’ts can help you navigate a communication crisis without hurting your business’s image. It can also help to hire a Beauty PR Agency to benefit from expert guidance on handling public communication.

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