Best Way To Increase The Range Of Devolo Wireless Range Extender 

The dead zones issues must be seen commonly in large areas like offices, houses. The traditional router works well and provides a good speed connection. But the range connectivity is not sufficient in large areas. In order to use a wide range coverage, you can use the devolo wireless range extender that helps to boost the signal by transmitting the signal and covering all the dead zones. If you are living in a big house and only using a single router. Due to multiple connections. Your wireless router may work slowly and it can also impact the range connectivity. So by using a devolo extender you can easily extend the range of your home wireless network. 

The devolo range extender has multiple features. The dual-band frequency of 2.4 and 5 performs very well. If you are searching for a device that will extend the network area. The devolo is the best. You can easily configure your devolo extender by using the developed wifi extender instructions which are given in the manual. The MU-MIMO technology and the gigabit port allow you to connect any device like mobile/pc/laptop with the range extender and to access a high-speed internet connection. 

Configuration process of developing wireless range extender

The configuration process is simple and effortless. The extender supports WPS connectivity. By just pressing the WPS button you can easily connect your router with the extender and enjoy the extended network over a large area. If you want to configure your router online. Then you just need to access the admin login portal of your extender by using the default IP Address. You can read the device details like IP address, default login username or password from the manual. All the details are mentioned in the manual. 

To configure your extender using a web browser, first turn “ON” your device. Plug the power cable into the working electrical switch and turn it “ON”. Connect an ethernet cable with your device to the extender properly. Simply open any web browser chrome, Mozilla, bing and in the URL box enter the default IP Address and search for it. 

You will redirect to the administration login panel of your wireless extender. Enter the login credentials to make a login. After login, you will redirect to the setup wizard page. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the configuration. 

Using WPS

The WPS button allows your connectivity by using the WiFi-protected setup. Simply place your extender near the router and press the WPS button of your extender. Do the same with your router. Enable the WPS connection of your wireless router too by pushing the WPS button.  Be sure the connection will be established within 2 minutes. Otherwise, the devices will not be connected properly. 

Ways to improve the signal of devolo wireless range extender

The devolo range extender is the best to use in your house. If you are not getting proper range or any kind of issues, You can follow the given steps to fix the issue. 

Place extender near the router

Be sure your extender is catching the proper wireless signal of your router. If the connection is not clear or has low range coverage. Then the problem will create, Your extender will not extend the network. So place your extender at the nearest location of your wireless router. 

Remove network obstacles

Check the network obstacles if there are any, A cell phone, PIN, Coin may interrupt the signal of your wireless extender. If there is any please remove that properly and restart your extender. 

Enable 5ghz

Open the admin center of your wireless extender by accessing the admin login page. Then, Check the SSID network and see if the 5ghz frequency is missing. Create a 5ghz network and activate it. The 5ghz provides you a wide range and superfast connection. 

Use wired connection 

Connect an ethernet cable to access the internet. Instead of wireless connection, The wired will work better and allow a high speed with full range coverage. If you are a gamer then by using an ethernet connection you can experience lag-free games and play online games without any network interruptions. 

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