Why Choose Turf for Your Public Pool?

If you’re thinking about building a public pool, look for a long-lasting, safe, and attractive solution that can withstand heavy use and frequent exposure to the elements. Synthetic turf can be an ideal choice as it offers several advantages over natural grass and cement. Here are reasons to choose artificial turf installation for your public pool:

Suitable for Summer Weather

Concrete flooring around your pool area can get hot to the touch and scorch your feet during the extreme summer heat. Natural grass may not be ideal since it requires sufficient watering and can dry up during the summer without it, leaving your pool area looking lifeless. With artificial turf, your pool area can remain green all summer long without excessive watering. The artificial grass also has a lower surface temperature, which makes it more comfortable to walk on during extreme outside heat.

Safer Walking Surface

Wet pool areas can cause swimmers to slip and fall. With artificial turf installation around your public pool area, you can walk more freely without slipping on standing water. Artificial turf grass can also provide a softer landing than cement if one loses their balance and falls. If young children fall while playing around the pool area, there may be less risk of scrapes and bruises by landing on turf grass.

Better for Allergies

Natural grass has pollen, which triggers allergic reactions in some people. If you have sensitive skin, you may also get hives or welts when natural grass irritates your skin. Artificial turf grass is pollen-free, so it will not contribute to your symptoms if you have allergies.

Long Lifespan

Quality artificial turf grass can last for many years when properly installed and maintained around your public pool area. Turf grass provides lasting color around your pool without having to worry if it will grow back each year. Consider the fiber density and thickness to select the best quality and feel for your artificial turf grass. You can consult an artificial turf installation professional for advice on buying turf specifically suited for a public pool.

Low Maintenance

Unlike natural grass, artificial turf grass has very few maintenance requirements. You don’t need to water or cut artificial turf grass, saving you from needing to hire additional staff for lawn care during outdoor pool season. You also don’t need to fertilize turf grass. Brushing your turf grass with a stiff broom can remove debris and help the fibers maintain their shape.

Saves Money

Artificial turf installation can save you money on maintenance and lawn care staff. Natural grass requires frequent trimming and care. Since you don’t need to fertilize, seed, trim, or hedge your turf grass, you likely won’t need a professional landscaping company to keep your pool area maintained. You can also save money by not needing to water your artificial turf grass.

Keeps Your Pool Clean

When walking on natural grass around a public pool, swimmers can pick up dirt, weeds, and grass clippings on their feet. Swimmers can then track all this debris into the water when they jump back into the pool. When you install artificial grass around your public pool, you can help prevent natural grass soil particles and clippings from getting in your pool.

Better Drainage

Natural grass surrounding a public pool can get oversaturated with pool water. Oversaturated grass forms mud, which swimmers can track into the pool and the surrounding areas. The roots of natural grass may also start to rot due to overexposure to the public pool water.

Artificial turf grass has perforated backing through which water drains more efficiently into the surface below. Water can drain from the grass without creating giant mud puddles to step in. The artificial turf grass doesn’t have roots that can rot due to excess water exposure either.

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Hire Professionals for Artificial Turf Installation

Artificial turf grass can be an ideal solution for public pool owners looking to reduce their pool maintenance. The grass can stay green every day of the year, especially in the summer during peak public pool season. High-quality synthetic turf grass can last several years, giving you more value for your money. Hire a professional for artificial turf installation to save time and provide quality product selection.

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