Information To Include on Your Non Profit Website

If you’re running a non profit organization, having a website can be a powerful tool to help you reach your goals. Your website is the digital face of your non profit and a point of contact for people who want to learn more about your organization or get involved. You may require the expertise of a web designer with experience in non profit website design to achieve this goal. Here are some of the elements to consider when designing your website:

1. Community Invitations To Get Involved

Non profit websites are designed to generate donations and create awareness of a cause. Explaining your organization’s mission and how people can get involved is a key part of any non profit website. Show visitors why they should care about your cause and how they can contribute.

Start by giving visitors an overview of what you do, who you serve, and where you work. Highlight the impact of your work and demonstrate how people can become part of your movement.

Invite people to volunteer their time and skills, sign a petition, or attend events. Provide easy-to-follow instructions on how to do this and relay information such as contact details and opening hours.

2. Social Media Links

A key component of any non profit website is social media links. If you have an active presence on various social media platforms, display them prominently on your website. This will help build credibility and increase engagement. It also helps visitors stay updated with your organization’s latest news and events.

Links to social media accounts should be direct. Including specific hashtags or usernames can also help visitors quickly connect with you on the platform of their choice.

You could add a link to your blog or a donate button that takes visitors directly to your donation page. The social media links should be up-to-date and accurate. Regularly review each link to make sure it’s working correctly. You can use analytics tools to measure the effectiveness of your different accounts and adjust them if necessary.

3. Concise and Quality Content

A non profit website design should tell visitors what makes them unique. It should inform potential donors how their money will be used. You can also inform them about upcoming fundraising campaigns or events and volunteer opportunities. Keep the content to the point and easily digestible to allow readers to understand the organization without becoming overwhelmed. It can also be beneficial to feature testimonials from people the organization has helped.

4. Events Calendar

An events calendar should be a prominent feature on any non profit website. It can promote upcoming activities, share past success stories, and inform members of relevant news. Adding an interactive calendar to a non profit website is a great way to stay connected with your community.

Calendars allow non profits to showcase upcoming activities and easily share information with the public. This includes dates, times, locations, descriptions, images, and video clips. The calendar makes it easy for non profits to keep track of their goals by setting reminders and deadlines for upcoming initiatives.

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5. A Clear Call to Action

Creating a non profit website involves informing your community of the services you offer and giving them something to do. A clear call to action should be present throughout your nonprofit website design, encouraging visitors to take an actionable step towards furthering your mission and goals.

This could be asking them to:

  • Sign up for a newsletter or email list
  • Make a donation or join a fundraiser
  • Volunteer their time, resources, and services

Use a Non Profit Website Design That Promotes Your Mission

A website design should be kept simple while conveying all the necessary information. The website should contain social media links, quality content, an events calendar, and a clear call to action. Get help from professionals specializing in non profit website design to get the best results for your organization.

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