Choosing a battery for electronic cigarettes

There are vapes with built-in power supplies (non-removable) and more powerful systems powered by removable batteries. Often vapers are faced with the problem of rapid discharge. Everyone finds a way out of this situation in their own way: someone buys a PowerBank, and someone considers it useful to purchase a new, more efficient battery.

In order to choose the right battery, you should take into account some of the nuances. The question arises – how to choose a battery? It’s not only novice vapers who face this, so we decided to let you know in an accessible language!

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For “galvanic”, ordinary “finger-type” batteries, use the letter mark AA, AAA. Batteries intended for use in mouse chef vape devices have the XXYYY format designations, that is, the most common type of 18650 batteries.

18650 batteries, like all cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, have a simple marking:

  • D – diameter, indicated in millimeters (first two digits);
  • L – element length, in millimeters (next two digits).

18650 battery dimensions: length 65 mm, diameter 18 mm. Elements with a protection board are 1.5 mm longer.

The main characteristics and parameters of the 18650 battery: energy intensity, rated current voltage.

High voltage

In order for the device to produce a large amount of chrome hearts steam, a high voltage is required, then the battery will begin to discharge quickly. But such a battery will provide high-quality soaring.

Energy intensity

In order to avoid an unscrupulous manufacturer who deliberately overstates the energy intensity indicators, buy batteries from time-tested brands, consult with sales managers.

Battery heating degree

If you notice that the drive is overheating, it is better to switch to the minimum power, to protect yourself. The output will certainly decrease and you will not be able to get the full pleasure from soaring. Overheating of the battery can lead to failure of the system itself, overvoltage of the battery, even to an explosion. Such a moment indicates the need to replace the battery with a more reliable one.

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Chemical composition

The battery has a variety of chemical composition. For vapes, several types of drives are used:

Li-Mn – Lithium Manganese (lithium-manganese) – these batteries are the safest. They have the ability to withstand fairly long loads, are resistant to mechanical stress, and withstand stress overloads. That is why such batteries are produced without built-in electronic protection. Lithium IMRs are great for high current charging. The only disadvantage of Li-Mn is a small capacity from 1600mAh to 2000-2500mAh, and when using serious windings, it may not be enough;

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Li (NiCoAl) O2 (lithium-nickel-manganese) batteries are also considered high-current, but the energy intensity of such batteries is much higher than that of lithium-manganese batteries;

LiCoO2 Lithium Cobalt Oxyde (lithium-cobalt) – cobalt batteries are the most common and are in high demand due to their low acceptable cost. In everyday life, they are labeled as lithium-ion Li-Ion – Lithium Ion batteries. Mostly larger capacity than manganese, but their instability does not allow issuing such batteries without electronic protection. They are unstable, subject to fluctuations in temperature, current (over 0.5 A) and quickly cease to hold a charge;

Li-Po – Lithium polymer (lithium polymer) – they are also called “delayed grenades”. Any operational violation puts them out of action (increase or decrease in temperature, complete discharge or recharge, mechanical action, etc.). It is these batteries that fall into the news about the next explosion. Although they also have advantages: low drawdown under load, huge output current, low heating. Such batteries should be used with great care;

LiFePO4 – Lithium Ferrum Phosphate (lithium iron phosphate) – batteries of this composition have a lower capacity, but have many advantages: the number of charge-discharge cycles is more than 2000, operation at low temperatures, a fairly stable voltage during discharge, a high degree of safety during operation.

Rated current indicators

Of course, the best option would be a properly selected battery, in which continuous operation with rated power and its efficiency will not lead to overheating of the device and you will be sure of its reliability. The only thing is that in this case, recharging the gadget will be required more often than usual. Often, the strength of the impulsive current is indicated on the drive, that is, the critical maximum value.

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In these cases, you need to look for the inscription with the letter “C” and calculate the CDR yourself. Quite frequent cases when manufacturers provide incorrect data. There are situations when a consumer purchases a “reliable” battery with suitable data, but it fails very quickly. Be careful, buy only from time-tested sellers.

Universal devices with board

A reliable protection board up to 3000 mAh is installed inside the battery for safe operation. If the protection board is not provided on the battery itself, it is built into the vape in the powered device itself.

Among the presented variety of mechanical mods and box mods, vapers do not have to worry about power, since the board itself controls it. To date, manufacturers have taken care of the consumer and produce devices with two or more batteries.

We figured out what batteries are made of, what batteries are and how to choose them. A responsible approach to this matter will ensure your safety and allow you to enjoy the process of soaring!

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