Choosing Between Vape Pens and Vape Pods

When purchasing a vape, whether you have vaped previously or not, you will have many different devices to choose from. Generally speaking, the vast majority of vapes that you come across will fall under one of the following categories; vape pens, vape pods or vape mods. Whilst it tends to be fairly easy to spot a vape mod, they are often bigger and bulkier, when it comes to differentiating between vape pens and vape pods, it isn’t always as easy. 

Both of these devices are incredibly popular and many who vape will automatically turn to either a pen or a pod. However, if you’ve not used either of them before, you may be wondering which is better and if there is actually much difference between the two. So, to help anyone who is choosing whether to purchase a vape pen or a vape pod, our team here at The Vape Life have put together some information that you may find useful. 

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What is a vape pen?

As the name suggests, a vape pen is a similar shape and size to a pen and it is most similar to a classic electronic cigarette. Within this singular category, there are many different types of vapes and these pens can vary in colour, style, power levels and features. However, vape pens are typically known for being straightforward to use. 

The vast majority of vape pens will be made up of the following components; a battery, a tank and a mouthpiece. You simply need to fill the tank with a vape juice of your choosing and press a button on the battery that will heat this juice. You can then inhale through the mouthpiece to get the vapour. It really is that easy. 

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What is a vape pod?

A vape pod is a slightly different shape to a vape chrome hearts pen and they tend to be more rectangular. These days you can get different types of vape pods and they have come a long way since JUUL designed the first of this kind. That being said, they are still incredibly easy to use, maybe even more so than a vape pen. 

There are only two parts to a vape pod; the battery and a pod filled with vape juice. All you need to do is click the pre-filled pod onto the battery and you’re ready to go. The majority of vape pods tend to be automatic, meaning all you do is take a drag on them to get the vapour, there isn’t even a button to press. Again, it couldn’t be easier. 

Which device is best to use?

Aside from being simple to use, both vape pens and vape pods are incredibly convenient to carry around with you and they both have fairly long battery lives (when you purchase a good make and model). People choose these devices because they allow effortless vaping and you won’t need to worry about having to set up the device before you use it. 

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Many will agree that one device isn’t ‘better’ than the other and they are both able to meet the needs of the vast majority of vapers, especially first-time vapers. When choosing which is best to use, it will be a personal decision and often, it will come down to whether you’re wanting something that feels more like a traditional cigarette in your hand. 

Due to the fact that both vape pens and vape pods are so versatile these days, it is highly likely that you will be able to find a device that you like under either of these categories. So, instead of ruling one out, you may be best to browse both options and look into specific makes and models in more detail before choosing. 

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Purchasing a vape pen or a vape pod 

Hopefully, you will now know a little bit more about these two popular types of vapes and what makes them so popular. When it comes to choosing between the two, as mentioned above, it is a personal preference and ultimately, the overall vaping experience you are wanting will determine which device is more suitable for you. You may want to try both a vape pen and a vape pod before deciding which to use long term. 

Whether you’re wanting to purchase a thanos smoke vape pen, a vape pod or both, be sure to visit The Vapes eShop website today. We stock a huge range of vapes and you can guarantee that we will have the perfect device for you. If you’re still unsure which you should choose, why not pop into our Dubai vape shop and a member of our experienced team will be able to provide you with their professional opinion. We look forward to assisting you further in any way we’re able to. 

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