Why Do Smart People buy Opal and Moonstone Rings for Engagements?

Moonstone Ring
Moonstone Ring

In the realm of gemstone jewelry, opals and moonstone are extensively used to manufacture highly stupendous and alluring engagement rings.

With their vibrant surface and timeless elegance that glows and shines through the eyes of the wearer, opal rings and Moonstone Ring go well both with a mundane outfit as well as with wedding attire.

One of the most valuable semi-precious gemstones, opal comes across a plethora of colourations. The most precious of all are the iconic and beautiful Black Opals. Also, these black opals are exclusively mined to be used in high-end opal jewelry like opal rings.

The “October Birthstone” is an epitome of peace, positivity and purity.

On the other hand, moonstone which is believed to be an embodiment of moon god himself is prized worldwide for its milky and lustrous blue sheen that emanates a divine white energy. The “June Birthstone” bestows the wearer with the serenity and tranquility of the moon trapstar god. A translucent gemstone, Moonstone Jewelry comes in the coloration of yellow, orange, green and pink.

So why opal and moonstone go out the most adorable way as engagement rings?

Let’s delve deep to drive you to blemish your finger with stunning and sizzling opal rings and moonstone rings for your engagements.

1. Opal and Moonstone Rings Lends Timeless Elegance

Engagements rings once added to jewelry collection, must continue to surge beauty and aesthetics of the wearer for an indefinite duration of time.

Not only would it be a life-time memory for the bride from one of the very special days of her life, but the engagement ring made out of the finest quality opal or moonstone will serve with its divine and majestic elegance that will not get faint even through the vertex of time.

Only thing to be concerned about is that both Opal Jewelry and moonstone jewelry are comparatively soft and delicate.

Opal and moonstone have an average score of about 5-6 on Mohs scale of hardness.

So to actually reap the exemplary benefits of the long-lasting durability of those shimmering opal and moonstone engagement ring, you need to carry and store them with utmost care and concern.

2. Opal and Moonstone are prized for their Exquisite Vibrance

One of the must-have pre-requisite for engagement rings is that they must depict a spell-bounding vibrance with cheerful colours glowing on its surface.

And the cherry on the cake is that, both opal and moonstone are famous for their highly alluring and appealing vibrant surface that depicts beautiful colours across the spectrum.

The opal is famous for its exquisite “play-of-colours. A natural colour-phenomena that occurs when the sunlight passing through the opal crystal will enter through the gap in the silica spheres. To make it way through the gaps, the light has to bend. Eventually, this bending effect cause the light to get split across multiple colours of spectrum.

Although play-of-colours tens to be visible in almost all types of opal, they appear the most divine and heavenly in case of black opals. And black opals are exclusively used for opal rings due to their unparalleled touch of royalty and brilliance.

In fact, high-quality black opals that display all the 7 colours across the spectrum are adored to be the most precious opals of all time.

Alike the play-of-colours in opal, the unique adularescence in moonstone is also its signature beauty is trait. Adularescence is a vibrant, natural optical effect that resembles the shimmering appearance of the moon on a clear night.

3. Opal and Moonstone are the “Stone of Lovers”

Engagement is a symbolic of everlasting bond that is full of love and affection.

Moonstone and opal ring connects to the wearer’s heart. It assists us in developing a strong connection with other beings on a deeper level by flushing out all the envy, anger, and ego from the heart. It also promotes trust and mutual understanding among lovers and friends.

Opal Ring
Opal Ring

Wearing Opal Ring and moonstone rings as your engagement jewelry will not only bless her with timeless beauty and elegance, but will also ensure a healthy and blissful love life.

And even if post-marriage, if your relationship is going through ups and downs, consider giving your spouse or girlfriend a moonstone ring as a surprise.

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