What Kind of Linens Are Used in Top-rated Hotels?

A great night’s sleep can set the tone for how guests perceive your hotel. It all comes down to high-quality bedding made from exceptional materials. Top-rated hotels use certain types of linens to provide a luxurious and comfortable experience for their guests. Here are some of the most common types of hotel linens wholesale suppliers recommend:

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is a premium quality material known for its softness and durability. This cotton has long fibers that result in a smooth, lustrous fabric. It is often used in the production of high-end bedding, towels, and clothing. Its durability makes it a great investment, as it can withstand years of wear and tear without losing its softness or shape.

Egyptian cotton grows in the Nile River Valley, where the warm climate and fertile soil produce long fibers ideal for producing high-quality textiles. The beautiful and soft texture makes it a popular choice for those who appreciate the finer things in life.


Percale is a plain woven cotton fabric that is crisp and cool to the touch. It’s often used for top sheets and pillowcases. This plain weave fabric is made using a one-over-one-under weaving technique, resulting in a closely woven, smooth, and durable fabric. Percale is ideal for use in warm weather or for those who prefer a lightweight and breathable fabric.

The thread count of percale fabric is typically higher than that of other cotton fabrics, ranging from 180 to 400 threads per square inch, contributing to its longevity and smooth texture. It’s a popular choice for those who value high-quality and comfortable bedding fabric that is both practical and stylish.


Sateen is a cotton fabric that has a satin-like feel and appearance. It’s often used for fitted sheets and duvet covers. This prized material is made using a four-over-one-under weaving technique, which gives it a unique sheen and a luxurious feel. This weaving technique also results in a higher thread count per square inch than other cotton fabrics.

Sateen brings a sophisticated mixture of comfort and style. The soft and silky feel is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Its thread count and intricate weave also make it durable. It’s a great investment for long-term use.


Microfiber is a synthetic fabric made of polyester fibers that are finer than silk. It’s widely used for bedding, particularly for sheets and pillowcases. Microfiber is known for being resistant to wear and tear, shrinking, and wrinkling. The fabric is also lightweight and breathable, which makes it ideal for use in warm areas.

Microfiber is also comparably easy to care for since it is machine washable, which makes it a practical choice for everyday use. For durability and low maintenance, this is a sensible, stylish choice when buying hotel linens wholesale.


Linen is a natural fabric made from the fibers of the flax plant. It’s known for its coolness, breathability, and moisture-absorbing properties. Because of these features, it is often used for pillowcases.

Linen has a unique texture that is sturdier and thicker than cotton alternatives but tends to soften over time. If you run a smaller hotel, it can be a great choice for a natural and organic aesthetic. The fabric is also highly durable, making it a practical choice for bedding that is used frequently.


Down is a fluffy, soft material that comes from the small, soft feathers of geese and ducks. It’s often used as a filling for comforters and pillows. This fluffy, soft material is highly prized for its ability to provide warmth and comfort.

Down is highly insulating, which means that it can trap warm air close to the body. It provides a high level of warmth without adding extra weight. It’s also highly compressible and can be packed tightly into a small space without losing its insulating properties.

Some people may be allergic to down. For those who are not allergic, down bedding can be an excellent investment. It provides a luxurious and comfortable sleeping experience that is practically unmatched by other materials.

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Buying Hotel Linens Wholesale

Top-rated hotels move beyond high-quality linens to also focus on the quality of their bedding accessories. You can buy pillows, comforters, mattress toppers, and more from many wholesale linen suppliers. Any of the aforementioned materials, or a combination of several, can elevate your hotel experience. It’s all about giving guests a comfortable, restful stay.

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