Types of Heavy Equipment in Mining

Unlike in the old days, the current mining industry relies on heavy machinery. A mining business can be lucrative if you focus on minimizing the cost of capital by considering heavy equipment rentals instead of purchasing your own equipment. Here are some types of heavy machinery you may require once you get into the mining business:

Service Trucks 

Mining service trucks can be among the most valuable equipment you can have. The service trucks bring bring fuel to heavy machines. This is a benefit because you find most mining sites in remote areas, and driving heavy equipment back and forth to fuel up can be challenging. 

These service trucks have a unique design because they carry heavy loads. They don’t only carry fuel but also carry water, oil, and coolant. You can customize them to suit your needs.

Large Mining Trucks

Large mining trucks, also called off-highway trucks, are used to move materials around the mining site. You can find powerful mechanical models and electric drive models. 

Off-highway trucks have large tires to support their movement on uneven terrain around the mines. Their design can also enable them to perform well in extreme conditions such as steep terrain, cold, and heat. 

Wheel Loaders 

Wheel Loaders lift and transport soil, rocks, and other materials. You can also use the machine for digging. These powerful machines have front-end bucket that moves up and down as they lift heavy materials. The machines can have different types of front-end buckets, though, they perform a similar function. 


Draglines are large excavators with a unique bucket type supported by ropes and wires. The machine operator lowers the bucket and scrapes along the ground to collect minerals or other materials. It then swings it around and repositions to offload the materials into a particular area. 

Highwall Miners

Some mining sites have steep or high walls created by machines as they dig to obtain minerals. Miners used highwall miner machines to bring the minerals on the steep walls up to the surface. 

Highwall miners have a rotating cutter head that helps to break wall surfaces, dig materials and break them into tiny pieces. You use continuous mining machines in open-pit mining and underground mining.

Underground Mining Loaders and Trucks

These heavy machines have unique operating parameters to function in enclosed spaces. Underground mining loaders and trucks have special engines that don’t produce emissions but are powerful enough to lift heavy materials. 

Some of the functions of underground mining loaders and trucks include digging, loading minerals and other materials on trucks, and transporting materials to the surface.

Backhoe Loaders

A Backhoe loader is a heavy machine you will likely find in mining sites. Workers use backhoe loaders to dig, drill, and carry materials. The machine can come in different configurations depending on its application. Often you may spot a backhoe loader fitted with a bucket hydraulic system or a drill at the back and a shovel in the front. 

Rotary Drill Rigs and Rock Drills 

Rotary drill rigs help to create holes through the rocks or soil. Miners then place charges in the holes to blast open mines. Other functions of rotary and rock drills are pre-split rock drilling and expanding mines. 

Heavy Machinery Rentals Benefits

Predictable Costs 

You can consider heavy equipment rentals to help you save money for other costs. When you rent machinery, repairs won’t be your concern. The company you rent from takes the responsibility of repairing the machines, which helps you accurately predict your monthly expenditure on machinery. 

Makes Delivery of Machinery Easier

If your company has several mining sites far from each other, you won’t need to arrange how the heavy equipment will reach your sites. The company you rent from will deliver the machines to your site, which can save you some time and money. 

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Access to a Variety of Equipment

There are some pieces of equipment you only need for a short amount of time. Mining rental companies have a variety of options to choose from for your specific jobs. By renting your equipment, it allows you to use it for only the amount of time you’ll need them. This saves you overhead costs and needed storage space. 

Consider Heavy Equipment Rentals 

In the mining business, you may require different types of heavy equipment for various tasks.  Heavy equipment rentals can be a better option so you only rent what you need and save the overhead costs for other mining expenses. 

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