Treks of Photography in Uttarakhand  

India with its wonders of nature is often described as “Incredible India” serving as a plethora of brilliant photography. It all owes it to the topographical features as well as the glory of the bright colors all around. Various regions of India like Uttarakhand, Ladakh, and Himachal Pradesh offer such picturesque views in the form of clear azure sky, wondrous snow-capped peaks beautiful rivers,  ancient monasteries, magnificent beauty of the land, exotic flora & fauna. The best way to explore one’s passion for photography and explore the breath-taking beauty of nature of these places is through trekking. 

Let’s look upon some trekking paths which offers a plentiful of photography

opportunities: Auden’s Col Trek  

The Trek is a worthy climb at an altitude of approximately 5450 meters and hence considered a  very challenging task. However, the views which the photography lovers get are all the alluringly beautiful creations of Mother Nature. The trek serves as a joining point of two ridges Gangotri III and  Jogin I and two glaciers Khatling and Jogin I. During trekking, the visitors will travel through the meadows of the Pine and Birch forests The breathtaking view of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks makes all the pain and difficulty of the climb worthy. An ideal time to visit this place is in the months starting from June to September. India with its wonders of nature is often described as “Incredible India” serving as a plethora of brilliant photography.

Specific Highlights :

Vasuki Tal 

The beauty of Himalayan peaks 

Brilliant Ambience  

Masar Tal 

Kedarkantha Trek  

One of the most popular winter treks in Uttarakhand, the Kedarkantha Trek, also known as the Queen of Treks. The most suitable trek for beginners and families due to its relative ease. Covered in a  sparkling white beauty of the snow in winter and offering breathtaking views of the majestic  Himalayan peaks, it’s eye-catching for the photography fanatics. It also serves as a unique opportunity to experience life in the remotest village in the dead winters. Kedarkantha Trek is all about the scintillating beauty, wonderful views of villages, meadows, snow trails, magnificent landscapes with large mountains, languid rivers. There’s no ideal time as it’s open for trekking for the whole year except the rainy months July to August.

Specific Highlights: 

The Phenomenal views and the Scenic Drive

The divine feeling of Dev Bhoomi ‘Land of Gods’ 

Juda- Ka- Tal Campsite 

Pari Tibba Ridge Trek  

It begins near the famous  Woodstock School in Mussoorie. Like every season offers something unique to nature lovers.  Rhododendrons are in full bloom by the month of April & the oak trees make up the beauty of the atmosphere. From the month of October, one gets a spectacular view of the Mussoorie winter line. It looks like the horizon is kindled with enchantment when the setting sun leaves a radiance of bright colors. The hill of Pari Tibba is fully surrounded by oak & deodar forests. This area also has around 120 different kinds of species of ferns. One can get a glimpse of the magnificent views of the  Doon valley from the summit of Pari Tibba. An ideal time for trekking begins in October and ends in March. 

Specific Highlights:

Panoramic views of Mussoorie 

Mesmerizing Chamalsari Village 

The Small Village of Barlowganj 

Nunes Bakarna Chhaskhet Trek  

A particularly arresting trek one can undertake is the Nunes Bakarna Chhaskhet trek.  Walking alongside a soothing river and venturing into a mountain track makes the trek all the more adventuresome. One can visit the village of Chhaskhet. It’s about a five hours hike, which starts at an altitude of 800 m and then rises to about 1,800 m  above sea level. It begins from Jariwala village, with its picturesque surroundings.. This trek takes you to the village of Chhaskhet. It’s about a five hours hike, it starts at an altitude of 800 m and then ends at an elevation of about 1,800 m. Treks to Explore  

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Great weather and a variety of terrains are what the trekkers enjoy and what Dehradun boasts for!  There are a variety of Treks to explore the Himalayas and natural beauties worthy of photography.  Uttarakhand, the Land of Gods offers some unique and alluring views and is one of the most sought for especially by trekkers, apart from its title of the divine destination.

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