Tips for Getting a Job After a Gap in Employment

Reentering the workforce after a hiatus might be daunting, as employers may harbor reservations when considering candidates with employment gaps. With the right strategies and help from workforce services, you can alleviate these concerns and successfully land a job despite your employment history. Here are tips that can help you regain your footing in the professional world:

Assess Your Skills

Assess your current skills, and avoid discounting the value of your previous experiences. Identify your strengths and weaknesses by reviewing job descriptions for the roles that catch your eye. This exercise may help you to create a list of the skills required for these positions. It can allow you to measure your expertise against the job requirements. You may expose any areas needing improvement and take steps to hone these skills. 

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Update Your Resume

Refresh your resume by emphasizing your most relevant skills, accomplishments, and experience. Look at the job requirements of the positions you’re interested in. Tailor your resume to demonstrate how your abilities make you the right candidate for the position. Address the employment gap on your resume transparently. Explain the reason behind the break from work. Convey how this period has fostered personal growth and how it may positively contribute to your future career opportunities.

Consider Networking

Reach out to your inner circle of former colleagues, friends, and family members. They might know about job openings or have insights into your industry. Attend industry events, where you can interact with like-minded professionals in your field. They may share experiences and help you discover hidden job vacancies. Joining professional associations and participating in online forums can further expand your network. It can also equip you with support and resources as you move forward in your professional journey. 

Consider Contract or Freelance Work

Opting for contracts or freelance work can enable you to bridge the gap in your resume and provide a platform for growth. This may allow you to hone your skills, explore new territories, and collaborate with diverse professionals. You may also forge valuable connections. You may widen your network and increase your chances of discovering full-time opportunities that align with your career objectives.

Prepare for Interviews

Research the company and the role you’re applying for to understand their values, goals, and expectations. Practice your responses to common interview questions, particularly those that may address your employment hiatus. This may demonstrate your preparedness and showcase your adaptability. Dress professionally and arrive on time, as first impressions matter.

Be Flexible

Remaining open-minded and adaptable to various job opportunities, even those that might not be your first choice, can help you succeed. Be willing to explore new industries, consider part-time roles, or engage in different work arrangements. This can help you find the employment situation that best suits your present needs. Being flexible widens your options. It can serve as a stepping stone to more fulfilling, full-time work in the future. 


Volunteering is an opportunity to give back to your community and can allow you to polish your skills. You can gain practical experience in your field of interest. Engaging in volunteer work can pave the way for fruitful job opportunities. Many organizations recognize and appreciate their volunteers’ dedication, commitment, and capabilities. Not only can you make a positive impact on the lives of others, but you’ll also be broadening your professional avenues and fostering valuable connections within your industry. 

Stay Positive

Maintaining an optimistic outlook during this process can help in overcoming any challenges. Be confident in your capabilities and expertise, and don’t let the fear of rejection affect your motivation. Keep your objectives in mind. Continue to polish and sharpen your skills to help you stand out to potential employers. Take advantage of workforce services to accelerate your job search.

Seek Assistance From Workforce Services

Returning to the workforce after a gap in employment can be challenging. With determination and effective planning, you can turn this phase into an opportunity for growth and success. The above tips can help you unlock new doors and secure a job that aligns with your aspirations and potential. Stay positive as you move through this process. For personalized assistance, seek help from workforce services to increase your chances of finding a job.

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