Screen Printing Quote and the Way to Assess a Printing Company 

When it comes to printing blank t-shirts, it is crucial to find a reliable screen printing company. You will find numerous screen printing service providers on the WWW (World Wide Web). However, you cannot consider all screen printing companies the same as others. Finding a credible screen printing company is vital for your t-shirt prints to stand out. Usually, an individual or a business has to fill in a screen printing quote form to know the printing cost. The best screen printing service provider is the one who can meet your printing needs. Thus, you have to choose a printing service accordingly. Nevertheless, a credible screen printing company is the one the fulfills the following criteria:

Screen Printing Quote

Way to Assess a Printing Company

  • The Experience: You cannot hand over your blank t-shirts to a screen printing company that has just set up shop. Thus, finding an experience screen printing service is crucial. It is also the right thing to do to stay on the safe side, considering the print quality. An experienced screen printing company can always deliver your order on time to maintain its reputation. Therefore, you need to check the experience of a screen printing company beforehand. If you do not do that, you will take a risk. Hence, ensure you are selecting a screen printing company that has been in the printing business for a long time. 

  • The Quality: Screen-printed t-shirts can help you stand out among others if the print is of high quality. An experienced screen printing service will always deliver high-quality prints. Why would it have been in the same business for a long time if it cannot deliver quality prints? You should ask a printing company to show you its print samples before you choose it. If the printing company can show you its previous samples, you can judge what to expect out of the service. Do not forget to have a look at the brands when judging t-shirts for high-quality prints. If the screen printing service has been utilizing high-quality fabrics for prints, you can expect high-quality print for your tees.
  1. Customer Service: Every business exists because of its customers. If a business cannot satisfy its customers, its existence has no meaning. Moreover, no screen printing service can thrive without customer satisfaction. Hence, you must determine the customer service of a screen printing service provider. After filling in the screen printing quote form, one of the service representatives will contact you. You should ask questions or concerns you have in mind to the representative to clear your thoughts about the service. If the representative can convince you with the answers, the company is worthy of trust. Most importantly, any screen printing service provider will treat its customers friendly to make the screen printing process stress-free.
  • Pricing: Screen printing becomes a cost-friendly process when you place large orders. If you want to utilize the screen printing process for fewer items, you should opt for embroidery. A screen printing company charges the print cost as per the order size, the type of artwork, and print locations. The more complicated the process becomes for a screen printer, the more you can expect to pay for the service. Nevertheless, you can reduce the cost for prints if you place a large order.
  1. Custom Designs: Screen printing can aid you to get high-quality printed tees if you choose the right t-shirt for prints. Screen printing can handle a greater level of details, in contrast to embroidery; still, it has limitations. Thus, you should know your best options for custom designs when utilizing a printing service. You have to ensure your printed business quote or logo makes the impression you desire from your printed t-shirts. Thus, you have to ensure you choose the right fabric and right weight t-shirt for your prints to stand out.

Once you are sure about a screen printing company, you should proceed with your order based on the above factors. A credible screen printing company will remain in contact with you and keep updating you about your order. Moreover, a reliable screen printing company will deliver your order to you on time.


Screen printing is a process that individuals and businesses admire for different reasons. Nonetheless, finding a reliable screen printing company is crucial to ensure you get high-quality prints. Normally, one has to fill in a screen printing quote form to know the screen printing cost of the provider. A credible screen printing company will always meet the following five conditions for its customers:

  1. It will have enough experience in screen printing.
  2. It will always deliver high-quality prints for its clients’ printed t-shirts to stand out.
  3. Furthermore, it will serve its customers honestly and be friendly.
  4. Not only that, but it will charge a reduced cost to the customers for large orders.
  5. Likewise, it will guide its customers about the right material for high-quality prints.

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Lastly, a credible screen printing service provider will deliver the order of its clients on time.

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