Organizing Your Lab Bench

Keeping your lab bench organized can help increase your efficiency and productivity. Maintaining a neat laboratory space can also reduce spills and errors. Declutter your workspace with efficient storage options like drawers, shelves, and cabinets on a custom bench. Here are ways to organize your laboratory bench: 

Place Your Laptop on the Ergonomic PC Sit-Stand 

Placing your laptop on an ergonomic PC sit-stand frees up space it would take on the desk. The stand can elevate the PC to your eye level for better vision and ergonomics. A custom lab bench can include a laptop stand that routes cables underneath to prevent them from occupying space on your workstation.

The stand creates space on the desk for other items, such as your keyboard, coffee cup, and mouse. The sit-stand monitor arm may come with a keyboard tray you can tuck away when not in use to free up desk space. You can adjust the stand to a desirable height to help you maximize desk space. 

Put Your CPU on a Rack Mount

A rack mount holds your CPU in place. Your bench can have an integrated CPU mount to keep your space aesthetic and organized. The rack mount can be placed on the side of your bench to keep the surface of the bench clear. Many rack mounts are designed to keep all cables and cords contained in one place. 

A rack mount should protect your server from dust, climate issues, and pests. Adjustable CPU holders lift the CPU units off the floor to leverage space. With a decluttered space, the risk of tripping on hanging cables or cords reduces because the path is clear. 

Store Solutions Strategically on Shelves 

Store stock solutions on the top shelves of your workstation to free up space on your lab bench. You can opt for laminate shelves, which can withstand high volumes since they are sturdy. Reagent shelving is useful for frequently used lab solutions since you can access them more easily. 

Tall shelving units are another option that helps create a tidy space. You can choose adjustable shelves that you can modify to a desired height. Adjustable shelves can accommodate future lab growth and changes. 

Keep General Supplies in Lockable Drawers

Store general supplies in lockable drawers to avoid cluttering your work surface. Some drawer banks have a pull-out writing shelf you can use to keep your keyboard. Locks also help keep your supplies from being stolen or borrowed.

When you designate spaces for general supplies, you can find them more easily. Storing these items in drawers can also help prevent them from getting lost. Once new supplies arrive at your lab, take the time to store them in drawers instead of placing them on your bench.

Store Lab Consumables in Cabinets

Keep pipettes, beakers, syringes, test tubes, and funnels in dedicated consumable cabinets. You can reach cabinets under your workbench and retrieve what you need without leaving your station.

Some cabinets have sealable doors, which can help keep lab consumables clean. The sealed doors in the cabinets can protect these items from airborne contaminants like dust. 

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Dispose Of What You Don’t Need 

Conduct an audit of your supplies and discard empty tubes in dedicated waste receptacles on your workbench. Get rid of trash and return any borrowed items.

Disposing of what you don’t need can create space for new supplies. It can free up your bench, making it easy to clean and organize. Dispose of items according to safety standards and instructions on labels.

Get a Personalized Lab Bench 

Drawers, adjustable shelves, and cabinets are some features of a personalized bench. These storage options can allow you to free up your workbench, leading to a more organized space. A decluttered space can help you focus on research due to fewer distractions. Depending on your focus, you may need specialized storage options to maximize your space. Lab benches come in a variety of sizes and styles to help you find the one that fits your needs. You can also get a customized bench that is designed for a particular use. Get a customized bench that meets your lab specifications and needs. Contact a lab bench manufacturer near you to learn more about your options.

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