Mental Health Strategies for Franchise Employees

The upheaval caused by coronavirus has made everyone anxious and stressed. The lockdown has adversely affected the business of every industry. Every entrepreneur needs to help their employees to tunnel through these daunting times. If you are a franchisor, make sure you give enough support to your franchise and employees. A good leader is not only efficient in getting their work done, but also helps them stay active and optimistic. Without a doubt, it’s highly important to fight stress. Keeping your mind free from worries can beef up your efficiency. Therefore, it can help you achieve your set targets. 

Who doesn’t stumble when uncertainties hit? It’s completely normal to feel anxious and stressed. However, it’s essential to eradicate tensions to work effectively. At every workplace, entrepreneurs need to make suitable efforts to keep their employees happy. Being a franchisor, you can give guidance and support to franchisees during tough times. If you are operating an education franchise, do your best to keep your employees motivated. Nevertheless, other franchise holders should also consider the mental health of their employees.

Here are some fruitful mental health strategies for franchise employees:

In this article we have given some mental health strategies to be practiced at every workplace.

  • Scrutinize the current state

It’s impossible to improve something without understanding it. Entrepreneurs along with their HR managers can assess the employees’ mental health through following ways:

  • Developing a listening strategy.
  • Collecting information on absenteeism.
  • Gauge employees’ productivity.
  • No. of days they fall sick. 

After analyzing the above written things, they can also carry out some surveys in which they can ask given questions:

  • Does the company culture hamper their mental health? If yes, how to make improvements? 
  • Do you get any help from your manager when you feel stressed? 
  • Who helps you in the organization when you feel tense?

Knowing these basic things can help you know the present situation at your workplace. Afterwards, you can make improvements wherever necessary.

  • Be an empathetic leader

A majority of entrepreneurs think that empathy is strength. Every good leader possesses this quality. Therefore, you need to be empathetic towards your employees’ mental health. This can actually give a sense of security to your employees.  Additionally, every employee loves to be a part of an organization whose entrepreneur shows concern for mental health. If you are running a franchise of your business, make sure you hire franchisees as empathetic as you. This can help you in employee retention. Also, your employees can feel motivated to work better. 

  • Integrate mental health into workplace culture

No matter how strong mental health programs your workplace follows, it’s essential to weave into the company’s culture. Employers should conduct several programs to educate their employees on self-care. Note that self-care is a vital aspect of mental health. So, every employee should know how to handle their burn out situations. Also, employees need to know that they need to maintain amical relations with each other. Mere healthy relations among workers can aid in improving mental health in any organization.

  • Guide employees on mental health services

A majority of employees remain incognizant on how to avail mental health services. To help them with this, the HR of the company should come forward to them. Providing these services can help an organization in one way or another. The more happy an employee will feel, the better efforts he/she can put into work. Moreover, they will feel a sense of belongingness with the organization. Being a franchisor, you can guide your franchisees to offer these services to their employees as well. It can help in building the brand image of an organization.

  • Check effectiveness of mental health strategy

Every business organization follows different strategies for mental health. Make sure you review your strategies regularly. There’s always a difference between planning and implementing. So, check how employees are following mental health strategies. It can help you know the effectiveness of the strategy. Also, check whether your employees feel the strategy is beneficial for them or not. This is a mandatory step you need to follow after implementing any strategy in your organization. It can help you know what actually your employees demand and what you can do for their welfare.  

  • Make alternatives

In case your current strategy is not working at organization, make sure you choose the best alternatives.  To choose the best alternatives, you need to conduct some surveys on your employees. It can help you know what improvements you can make to current strategy. In the end, it’s essential to cultivate a harmonious environment at your workplace. So, you can make changes to your strategies continuously to maintain peace at your workplace. Also, impart the same thing to your franchisees, if you intend to maintain the goodwill of your organization.

Working on mental health can help the business owners running a coaching franchise. Also, entrepreneurs of other industries need to work on this issue for uplifting their employees. 


An ideal entrepreneur believes that the secret to business success is employees’ contentment. If your employees are happy, they can work from their fingers to bone to fulfill the organization’s objectives. Mental health is the most ignored issue when it comes to the workplace. So, every entrepreneur should give special attention to this issue. It can actually fortify the productivity of employees. Apart from many business organizations, it can work wonders for franchise holders as well. So, in this article we have put down every point that can help you devise a mental health strategy. Go through each point thoroughly to guide yourself. 

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