How to calm your mind while preparing for government exams?

Candidates preparing for the government exams deal with a lot of pressure and anxiety. What could be the reasons behind it? They have pressure to cover the gigantic exam syllabus. Additionally, they stay anxious with the thoughts of whether they’ll be able to clear the exam or not. This is completely normal to feel tense during your preparation phase. However, don’t let yourself drench in the negative thoughts of failure only. It will only drain your energy and make you less productive to study. Therefore, it is highly important to regain your lost energy and prepare for the exam with sheer dedication. 

Every year lakhs of graduates appear for the government exams as per their interest. The most sought after government exam is SSC CGL. Candidates apply for this exam with the intention to earn an esteemable position in the government sector. Nevertheless, many candidates appear for banking and defence exams. More often than not, candidates navigate through stressful situations while studying for the exam. 

Here are some easy yet effective tips that can help you in calming your mind while preparing for the government exams:

Remember, a strong and calm mind can easily deal with dynamic situations. If you don’t know how to handle hurdles with a calm mind, then go through this article carefully. 

  • Practice yoga daily

Everyone of us is cognizant of the benefits that yoga offers us. However, only a few of us practice it daily. Note that yoga can keep your body and mind calm and relaxed. Also, it is helpful in boosting your brain power. It can aid in understanding the hard concepts of the exam. Moreover, you won’t panic if anything will move wrong. We would suggest you to spare at least an hour in a day to practice yoga. It would be better, if you choose to practice yoga during the early morning hours.

  • Spend some time with nature

Many scientific studies have proven that spending time with nature can release happy hormones in your mind. Therefore, it is the best approach to inculcate a positive attitude in yourself. Note that a happy mind can cure lethal problems really soon. So, you can choose to walk for at least 30 minutes in any park nearby your home. Also, make sure that you are choosing to walk in an area that is enriched with greenery. Thus, walking in fresh air can strengthen the functioning of your brain.

  • Savour quality sleep

It is not an intelligent decision to sacrifice your sleep in the pursuit of preparing well for the exam. Sacrificing your sleep can make you feel lazy and less productive while studying for the exam. So, it is vital to take at least seven hours of sleep daily. You can improve the quality of your sleep by meditating for at least 10 minutes before going to sleep. Also, you can maintain a journal in which you can write about things you are grateful for right before going to sleep. When you write about things you are grateful for, it can make you feel cheerful and happy. Thus, going to sleep with a happy mind can improve the quality of your sleep.

  • Spend some time with family and friends

A majority of candidates believe that just devoting time to studies can help them ace in the exam. Well, this is not completely true. You can take out at least 30-40 minutes in a day to spend with your family or friends. Also, you can plan a day out with your friends to watch a movie or to go for a picnic. It can work wonders for you, as it can aid in refreshing your mind. As a result, you can focus better while studying for the exam. Chances are you’ll be able to perform better in the government exam.

  • Practice enough questions

Candidates generally deal with the fear of not attempting enough questions in the government exam. They can easily get rid of this fear by practicing a variety of questions. There are umpteen mock tests that are available on various online portals. You can find every type of question in those mock tests. Practicing enough mock tests can aid in improving your speed and accuracy of solving questions. So, solve those questions and increase your chances of clearing the government exam in a single attempt.

  • Abide by your study routine

Most of the candidates prepare a full proof study plan before starting preparations. But, some of them fail to abide by it. Note that you need to be highly disciplined, if you are aiming to crack the government exams. In case you fail to follow your routine, you won’t be able to complete your daily task. No doubt, this thing can cause extreme perplexity to you. So, practice punctuality and do your tasks as per your timetable. This way you can easily complete your exam syllabus on time and you’ll be left with sufficient time for revision. 

  • Follow a healthy diet

The diet you follow matters a lot. So, make sure you are having a nutritious diet that can ensure sound health. It’s highly recommended  to eat a protein rich diet. Also, try not to drink tea or coffee first thing in your morning. It may help you kick start your day. But, it can ruin your health in the long run. Instead, you can start your day by drinking warm water. It can help you in staying active for a whole day. 

Preparing for tough exams like SSC CGL may demand hard efforts for you. So, adhere to a healthy lifestyle. It can keep you active and focused while preparing for the exam. If you find any problem while studying for SSC exams, connect with an ideal source that offers excellent SSC coaching Chandigarh.


In this article we have put down some suitable remedies that can help you in calming your mind. However, it is not mandatory to follow all these tips. You can plump for the tips that can go best for you. Additionally, you can ask your friends what strategies they follow to calm their mind. Chances are those strategies can work best in your case as well. However, we hope that our tips can also help you while preparing for the government exams.

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