How Much Does Volkswagen servicing Cost in Dubai?

Volkswagen servicing, a new Volkswagen is an investment of a lifetime and, with regular scheduled maintenance, unexpected breakdowns and the potential for collision damage the expense of owning a Volkswagen goes way beyond the price of the car. How much will Volkswagen servicing cost each year, Volkswagen servicing?

It’s difficult to determine the exact cost of repairs However, in this piece we’ll look at the various components that go to Volkswagen maintenance costs. We’ll provide a rough estimate of what you can expect to spend to keep your car operating at its best.

We’ll discuss the most common repairs and their prices as well as how you can help make your Volkswagen maintenance costs less expensive by purchasing one of the top extended warranties for cars currently available. In certain cases extended coverage can pay for itself since the cost of maintenance is greater than the value of the warranty. To begin comparing quotes contact our top warranty providers below.

Is Volkswagen a Reliable Car Brand?

In general Volkswagen’s reliability is average when compared with other automobile brands. They’re definitely not the most reliable vehicles around however, you don’t have to fret too much about them breaking out in the middle of nowhere, also.

The more solid your VW vehicle is the less likely you will be to have repair or maintenance costs that could cause financial hardship. To gauge the reliability of your vehicle using repair data as well as reliability scores from RepairPal the website that provides estimates of the most common costs for servicing your vehicle from reports submitted by drivers.

RepairPal gives Volkswagen 3.5 from 5.0 ratings for its reliability. This puts it as the 12th most reliable of the 32 brands of vehicles that were tested. The main factors that vlone affect the rating include the average annual Volkswagen maintenance expense, which includes scheduled and unscheduled repairs for cars, the frequent trips to repair shops and the probability that repairs will be costly.
Here’s a breakdown of the way Volkswagen cars are rated:

You can observe that, as you’ll see in the graph below, the typical annual Volkswagen maintenance costs are more than the industry-wide cost, yet the probability of having to deal with major repairs is a little less than the average.

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What’s the Average Volkswagen Maintenance Cost?

According to RepairPal according to RepairPal, the average Volkswagen maintenance costs are $676 annually that’s just a bit more than the industry-wide average of $652. Also, it includes the cost of unexpected auto repairs that are likely to happen throughout your vehicle’s lifespan, Volkswagen servicing.

Volkswagen Carefree Maintenance Program

The year 2020 was the first time Volkswagen introduced a brand new guarantee program that shortened the coverage of its factory by 6 years (72,000 miles) down to 4 years and 56,000 miles, as well as launching with its Carefree Maintenance Plan.

All 2020 and more recent Volkswagens are sold at a reduced price. the Carefree Maintenance Plan which includes the first two scheduled maintenance visits (at 10, 000 and 20, 000 miles).

If your car is model year of 2019 or later then you’re not qualified to participate in Carefree Maintenance. Carefree Maintenance Plan. You can however purchase another of Volkswagen’s prepay maintenance plans. With these plans, you’ll additionally get protection if you own a vehicle in 2020 which has a mileage of 20k miles.

Here’s an sketch of Volkswagen’s Maintenance schedule:

Extended Car Warranties and Volkswagen Maintenance Cost. No matter if you drive the Tiguan or Passat in you calculate the annual Volkswagen maintenance costs you’ll have to account for regular maintenance and possible mechanical repairs. Regularly scheduled maintenance such as tires rotations and oil changes can be budgeted easily but what about the expenses that arise from unexpected failures?

To estimate the amount an auto breakdown could cost you to fix it, look over some of the most frequent Volkswagen repair estimates and cost, according to RepairPal:

As you will observe, an extended warranty could make Volkswagen maintenance costs lower every year. This is especially true if these repairs exceed the warranty.

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Our Top Recommendations for Extended Warranties

If you’re looking to cut down on the cost of your annual Volkswagen maintenance cost an extended warranty on your car could be a good option. Based on the plan you select as well as how reliable the car is, a lot of warranties end in a cost that is recouped.

When you’re choosing an extended vehicle warranty, you must select a reliable provider with a wide range of plans and additional advantages to make sure that you’re getting value for money. Based on our team’s research review of each major car warranty provider available We recommend looking into Endurance and CarShield to lower the cost of Volkswagen maintenance expenses.

Endurance: Best Coverage

We consider Endurance as the most reliable extended warranty provider in the market due to its extensive coverage and a wide range of benefits, such as free roadside assistance.
Supreme: Bumper-to bumper exclusionary coverage
Superior: Most comprehensive coverage of the stated component.
Secure Plus: Increased powertrain coverage
Secure Powertrain Coverage at a reasonable price
Select Premier: Protection specifically designed for high-mileage vehicles
EnduranceAdvantageTM: Combines coverage for both unexpected mechanical breakdowns and your vehicle’s routine maintenance schedule
Check out our complete Endurance warranty review to learn more or click the links below to receive a an instant, free estimate on the Volkswagen model.

Best Value:

If you’re concerned about the high Volkswagen maintenance expenses, a warranty extension from CarShield could be the most effective option. Through our investigation we discovered that CarShield provided the most comprehensive extended car warranty for those who are on a tight budget. The coverage plans are one of the most affordable and comprehensive on the market.
CarShield provides five levels of protection for cars. It is also one of the few reliable extended car warranty companies that offer coverage for motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles in addition. The five plans of coverage for automobiles are as follows:
Diamond: Bumper-to bumper coverage that is best for new vehicles
Platinum: Complete protection for high-mileage vehicles as well as used vehicles
Gold: Powertrain coverage with enhanced powertrain
Silver: Powertrain coverage that is affordable
Aluminum: Specialty cover for high-tech systems
You can find out more about the company in our detailed CarShield evaluation, and obtain a the free CarShield estimate for your Volkswagen vehicle by using one of the links below.


Our review team is devoted in presenting accurate and impartial details with customers. We’ve collected data from many extended warranty providers to determine our ratings of the best companies in the field. The companies receive a score of 5.0 overall in addition to an overall score for every one of these categories.


It can be challenging to compare providers because of the numerous factors that impact costs. To establish the score, we use an analysis of the secret shopper with different types of vehicles and mileages, warranty plans and even locations.


The availability of a variety of coverage is necessary to meet the different needs of consumers. We look at the amount of extended vehicle warranty plans that are available, as well as term limits, exclusions and other benefits.

Customer Service

The quality of service and assistance that is provided by a company offering extended warranties is a crucial aspect to consider. Our review team analyzes consumer reviews and complaints gathered from trusted sources such as The Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Trustpilot. We also evaluate the responsiveness of each business’s customer service staff by using our proprietary shopper analysis.


The best extended warranty providers consistently deliver excellent service. Our team considers BBB ratings as well as their history of reliability when making this decision.


Customers are looking for transparent and honest communication in relation to car service contracts. Our expert team examines the possibility of money-back guarantee and also sample contracts.

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