8 Questions Your Wedding Photographer May Ask

Your wedding may be a one-day event, but your wedding pictures are forever. Good wedding photographers know this and try to meet your expectations. One of the ways they do this is by asking you questions to finalize all the details of your wedding photography session. Here are eight questions to expect from your wedding photographer:

1. What Is Your Wedding Photography Budget?

When your wedding photographer asks this question, they could be trying to determine whether they can take the job and which wedding photography packages work with your budget. Most photographers may find a way to help you get the most out of your budget. Answer this question as directly and honestly as possible.

If you are talking to a wedding photographer to determine how much to allocate to your photography budget, ask them about their packages. Decide which package gives you what you need.

2. How Many Photos Do You Need?

The number of photos you need for your wedding may contribute to your wedding photography costs. Your wedding photographer may also ask how many pictures you want in hard copy and soft copy. Once your photographer knows how many pictures you need, they can recommend a suitable package.

3. Will a Wedding Planner Be Coordinating the Wedding?

A wedding coordinator or planner can work with the photographer to handle any possible issues during the wedding. If your wedding planner and photographers know each other beforehand, they can coordinate the wedding schedule so the photographer does not miss any picture-perfect moments.

If you do not have a planner for your wedding, choose a point person your photographer can go to with questions during the ceremony. Your point person should not be someone in the wedding party. A member of the wedding party may be too busy to attend to the photographer. Get a trusted person who does not have a lot of responsibilities on your wedding day.

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4. How Many Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Will You Have?

Knowing how many bridesmaids and groomsmen are in your wedding party can help the photographer choose locations that accommodate everyone. If you have many people in your wedding party, the photographer can plan the best way to capture a large group.

Your wedding photographers may want to know the names of the people in your wedding lineup, or at least those of the best man and maid of honor. Knowing their names can make it easier for the photographer to work with them. Your photographer may also want details of your relationship with each person in your lineup. This can help to know how to arrange the group for photos.

5. How Many Group Photos Do You Need?

There are many groups besides your wedding lineup that your photographer needs to capture with the couple. You have pictures of the couple’s parents, friends, colleagues, and extended family. Knowing how many group photos you need can help your photographer decide which groups to prioritize. It is also easier to manage photography time when the photographer knows how many group pictures you expect.

6. What Are Your Photography Expectations?

It can be easier for wedding photographers to give you what you want when they know your expectations. When answering this question, consider whether you want more pictures of the reception or the ceremony. Consider also if you want romantic photos or pictures with your family.

Discuss any photography concepts and ideas for poses you have in mind with your photographer so they can plan how to execute them. You and your photographer can also make a mood board. This can make it easier to determine the mood you want to capture in your wedding photos.

7. Will You Tell Me Your Love Story?

Your photographer may ask how you and your partner met, how you fell in love, and your proposal story. As you answer these questions, you connect with your photographer, making it easier to express your expectations.

When your photographer knows your story, they can tell what mood works best for your photography session. If you are a romantic couple with a touching proposal story, your photographer can set up romantic poses and locations for your wedding pictures.

8. Are There Any Details I Need on Your Family Dynamics?

Questions about your family might seem personal, but answering them can help prevent awkward situations during your photography session. When your photographer asks about your family dynamics, they want to know whether you have estranged family members. They also want to about know relatives who do not get along or family members who aren’t close.

Once they understand your family dynamics, your photographer can coordinate your family. This can help so that no one ends up next to someone they don’t like in a group photo. Let your photographer know if there are family members you want solo pictures with.

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Wedding photography can be difficult to navigate when handling all the other wedding ceremony details. Wedding photographers know the couple is busy with the wedding and may try to get all the information they need before the wedding to avoid bothering you on your wedding day. If you answer your photographer’s questions honestly, you can trust them to meet your expectations.

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