Tips To Avoid Negative Marking In The Government Exams

Negative marking is a factor that can refrain a  hardworking candidate from getting shortlisted for a job in the public or banking sector. Considering negative marking as a minor mistake is a blunder. Please know that if you don’t take precautions to avoid negative marking while making a strategy to attempt the exam then your strategy is ineffective. 

This article will guide you on how to avoid negative marking while attempting government exams. Note that avoiding negative marking is not as easy as it seems. A minor negative marking can refrain you from touching the cut-off score even if your score is crossing the cut-off score. Hence, you must take precautions to avoid negative markings to reach your goal. 

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We have mentioned some important tips that you must follow during your preparation to avoid negative markings in the government exams. 

  • Maintain accuracy of your preparations

Think twice before believing any fact if it is not from the official and recognized source. The internet is full of random facts that can give you misinformation. Make sure that study sources that you are studying to meet the challenge of vast knowledge are acknowledged by the experts. Otherwise, this can make you mark the wrong answer during the exam. Moreover, it is wise to put your efforts into the recognized study sources that give you accurate knowledge of the concepts mentioned in the syllabus. Now the most important question is where you can get them all. Well, in today’s scenario it is no more difficult to get all these sources because of the internet. You can get their names or even can download them for free on your smartphone. So give time to collecting the right study sources sincerely so that you can get accurate knowledge of the questions that are going to appear in the exams. 

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  • Revision

In the haste of gathering vast knowledge, many candidates collect so many random books to read. Do you really think that it is wise to do so? Well, not at all. Despite giving your time to these books, you will not be able to get clarity as you have to read them all in a limited time. Naturally, if you don’t get clarity on topics then this will make you confused about the right answer during the exam. Which will create a negative impact on the accuracy and your speed of attempting the paper. Therefore, getting clarity is important to maintain the accuracy of your answer to avoid negative marking. This can only be done if you are giving appropriate time to revision of the concepts. 

  • Train your mind

It is common to mark the wrong answer during the exam in the haste to attempt maximum questions to meet the cut-off score. Note that attempting so many questions to meet the cut-off score is not the right way to attempt the papers. You have to follow the right strategy to attempt the paper in order to meet the cut-off score. Nervousness and the haste to attempt maximum questions during the exam will shut your mind and this will make you attempt the wrong answer. But this can be avoided by training your mind to think accurately and quickly under the stress. Practicing mock tests and solving the previous year’s question papers can help you become proficient in the ability to perform well under the pressure of time. 

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Don’t let your preparations miss the target by not adhering to a strategy to attempt the paper. If you are not feeling assured about the correctness of any answer then avoid marking it. You can attempt them wisely but please refrain from marking the wrong answer. 

Also, practice meditation to make your mind calm because this will help you become experts at thinking correctly under the pressure of stress.  

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