The Best Personality-Tanners of 2022

My tanning addiction was finally over in 2011 when I invented the term. If I’m being honest, the transition from self-tanning to tanning was difficult. It wasn’t easy to find the best self-Personality-Tanners in that period. They took me forever to apply and left me looking streaky, uneventful, and slightly orange. I also had the problem of smelling fake tan everywhere. Although it isn’t cute, it is better than the other. 

Self-tanners today are far more sophisticated than the self-tanners of ten years ago. Our editors spent the last few weeks trying new and old options. You’ll find something for everyone: natural-looking creams, slow-building creams, and towelettes that give you a bronze glow within hours. These 27 self-tanners are endorsed by our Beauty Awards judges. They also share tips for avoiding streaks. 

1. Best Overall: St. Tropez self-tan Luxe Whipped Creme Mousse.

I 1wouldcan’t say I like to hide my computer screen any longer, so I reach out for the adjacent self-tanner to improve my pale skin. Although it’s not essential, I prefer to have my skin translucent in spring. This self-tanner stands out from the rest.

I love the St. Tropez line because it is natural and Personality-Tanners makes you feel like you are on the teacher, and it dehydrates quickly. Every time I use it, I feel vacation-worthy glowing. Jessica Ridloff West Coast editor.

2. Jurgens Instant Tan Moisturizer + bronzer is my favorite drugstore.

I am very pale. This is a fact I accept. However, when I take out my miniskirts, I feel the need for more color. This tanning lotion for pale skin instantly tints my color so I can apply it immediately without worrying about streaks. It looks great suddenly and progressively deepens into the flawless I-just-got-back-from-Miami shade. 

3. L’Oréal Paris Sublime self-tanning water drops are the best for your face.

I’ve used self-tanning products for years, but this product allows you to mix it with your moisturizer. L’Oréal’s Tanning Drops knows that creams and liquid drops will give you a bronze glow. It’s easy to make mistakes and get flawless results. You only need a little. Apply a few drops of moisturizer to your palm and a little cream on your skin. Every morning you’ll feel sun-kissed. J.R. 

4. Best mist: St. Tropez self-tanning Purity Vitamins Bronzing Water Mist.

This mist can be used to self-tan. A light mist can be used after a shower to enhance the shade. You can also reapply it several times per week. This formula does not have the strange self-tan smell of others. This formula is light and contains vitamins C and D to protect skin from sunburn. 

Justine Marjane, celebrity hairstylist, The Organic Apothecary Self Tan, has been my favorite normal self-tanner meanwhile I was 14 years old. Twenty years later, I’ve tried every Personality-Tanners brand and had every snafu. It’s been nearly 20 years since I tried every brand, from streaks on my skin and Hi-C-hued hands.

5. I was the first to use the Organic Pharmacy’s, Self-Tan.

This is the greatest self-sixpence I’ve ever used. It is subtle but not overpowering, feels natural, and has a wonderful effect on my skin. It is also fool-proof. Mixing the lotion with my favorite lotion ensures that it is evenly applied. I’ve never been required to wear long sleeves or trousers to conceal my orange elbows and knees. Contributor: Lauren Lumsden.

6. Best tanning lotion: Clarins Delicious self-tanning cream.

It took many years for me to get my self-tanner back. It would be evident in my college photos. It was a thrilling time in Missouri’s sorority and fraternity life. Although there are many choices, this is the best basic tanner. It blends easily and is light. It layers onto bronze, and you can see the effects. It gives off an indirect, soft glow. There are no misgivings this time. –Lindsay Shalloon, beauty Personality-Tanners sponsor.

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