How to Select the Best Coaching Institute for Defence Exam preparation?

The youth of India is jingoistic and they yearn to join the defence forces with the intention to serve their motherland. However, entering the Indian defence forces is not as easy as walking in a park. Candidates need to navigate through arduous written examinations and SSB interviews. So, do you think preparing for the defence exam through self study is enough? Obviously not! Along with self-study, candidates can seek help from reliable coaching institutes. Preparing for the exam with the guidance of a coaching institute can keep you ahead of your competitors. Also, make sure you are not selecting a coaching institute blindly. Before getting yourself enrolled into a coaching centre, make sure you check certain things mentioned in this article. 

Every year a swarm of candidates appear for the defence exams. A majority of candidates aim to crack the NDA exam after clearing the 12th class. Without a doubt, preparing for this exam without guidance is almost impossible. So, candidates can approach a leading institute that is proficient in providing best NDA coaching in Chandigarh

Go through the following aspects before enrolling yourself in a coaching institute to prepare for defence exams:

We recommend candidates not to choose a coaching institute on the basis of advertisements they see. There are other important aspects that should be taken into consideration before selecting a coaching institute. 

  • Check past records

Firstly, you need to know how old a coaching institute is and how many candidates were able to clear exams with their help. Generally, a good coaching institute will have a high selection rate of their students in various defence exams. Moreover, you can ask questions from their previous students regarding how they conduct classes. You can also check the reviews of that institute on the internet. This factor can help you judge the potential of a coaching center. Thus, it is highly important to check the previous records of a coaching center.

  • Teaching methodology

Before you join a coaching institute, get to know how they deliver classes. Most of the coaching institutes use smart classes to promote interactive learning. It is an excellent way to make learning easy and interesting. Remember that you are joining a coaching institute to make your preparation effective and fruit bearing. Also, ask how much time they take to complete the syllabus of an exam. Generally, coaching institutes take three months to complete the syllabus. The earlier you finish exam syllabus, the more time will be left with you for revision.

  • Educational qualification of faculty

You can ask for the educational qualification of the teaching faculty. Usually, an ideal coaching institute recruits highly qualified teachers who have in-depth knowledge of their subject. In addition to it, you can also ask about their experience. A well-experienced teacher is well-versed with the exam pattern and syllabus of defence exam. Moreover, they can easily answer any query and doubt of students. We advise you to join a coaching institute where teachers have at least five years of experience. 

Many graduates wish to join the Indian Air force. They can fulfill their wish by cracking the AFCAT exam. Thus, approaching an illustrious institute that offers the best AFCAT coaching in chandigarh can serve them great help.  

  • Relevant study material

Check whether the institute you are choosing to join provides study material or not. A reputed coaching institute can provide you with relevant study material. They prepare study material with the help of experts. It can cut-down your burden of collecting appropriate study material for defence exam preparation. Also, see whether the material they are providing covers the entire exam syllabus or not. Moreover, some coaching institutes provide previous year papers of defence exams. It helps candidates in getting an idea regarding the type of questions asked in exams. 

  • Demo classes

Every coaching institute boasts about themselves through advertisements. But, their reality can be ascertained by attending a demo class. If a coaching institute is reluctant with giving demo classes, drop the idea of joining it. Instead, enter an institute that provides demo classes. This is the best way to judge the teaching techniques of a coaching institute. Additionally, you can interact with the students of the institute through this means. Note that attending a demo class is a must before you decide to join a coaching institute.

  • Fee structure

Almost every coaching institute will have the same fee structure. So, where do they differ? You need to notice the ratio of discount a coaching institute is providing. Also, you can ask them if you can pay a fee in installments or not. You need to notice how many facilities you are getting after paying the fee. It is a major factor that you should notice before joining a coaching institute.

  • Weekly mock tests

You need to check whether a coaching institute conducts weekly mock tests or not. Conducting mock tests is an excellent way to assess the calibre of students. Additionally, they help students to make improvements wherever necessary. It also aids in replicating the actual experience of the defence exam. Generally, a good coaching institute conducts at least once a week. Also, they provide relevant suggestions to their students for making improvements.

  • Infrastructure

Note that you joined a coaching institute to study in a disturbance free environment. So, when you enter a coaching institute, see if it has a hassle-free and warm environment. Also, check their classrooms where they conduct coaching. It is important that those classrooms should be in good condition. Additionally, see if they have well-equipped computer labs.

A majority of defence aspirants choose to appear for the CDS exam. Thus, joining a leading institute that provides perfect CDS coaching in Chandigarh can help them. 


No doubt, coaching institutes play an important role while preparing for the defence exams. Your preparation phase plays a significant role in clearing your exam. So, you can’t choose an institute blindly for preparation. It’s mandatory to check the aforementioned aspects before making a final decision. Linking with a reputable coaching institute can help you crack exams with high scores.

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