A Checklist Before Buying An Efficient Water Purifier: Valuable To Invest

Unadulterated water has now become a need for every human being but unfortunately is not certainly available nowadays. Rising population, environmental degradation, and industrial development water are the major reasons for contaminated water. Consequently, these major causes arise the need for water purifier in upcoming days. However, this leads to the awareness of water purification techniques which will ensure the quality of drinking water.

Water purifiers play a significant role in our day-to-day lives. Moreover, it adds a larger impact in protecting the health and wealth of our family. Healthy and pure water safeguard your loved ones from fatal waterborne diseases that may be caused by the consumption of filthy water.

Being a citizen, we are very well aware of the fact that in India, there are several areas where there is a scarcity of water. However, people residing in those areas are either dependent on groundwater or tankers. Therefore, these sources of water are a common carrier of various diseases. Precisely, the presence of toxic chemicals in a higher proportion may adversely influence the well-being of an individual. 

The Emergence Of Water Purifier In India

There are three key sources of water in India. They are as follows:

  • Groundwater
  • Municipal water
  • Numerous sources

Sources of water define the necessity of water purifiers. People getting the supply of water from the above-mentioned sources increases the demand for water purifiers in India. Moreover, the presence of naturally contained minerals is decent for consumption when taken in a sufficient quantity. On the contrary, it may cause life-threatening health issues. 

Given the situation, we are here with a useful buying guide before purchasing a water purifier.

There are 3 kinds of water purifiers that are classified based on their functions:

  1. Gravity Water Purifier
  2. UV Water Purifier
  3. RO Water Purifier

We would recommend you to go for an RO water purifier because it is highly effective and eliminates the level of toxic chemicals to a maximum extent. With its advanced technology of purifying water, people are shifting towards RO Water purifier service Ghaziabad

Now let’s move forward and converse about the process of selecting the best-suited water purifier for your home.

Comprehend the source and quality of water

This is the first step which is to be done before selection. You need to be aware of the source of water that is being supplied to your home. Also, determine the quality of water i.e. the hardness, presence of the amount of TDS. Before choosing the best water purifier, it is mandatory to know the answer to these questions. In short, you need to perform a deep-water analysis on your water consumption. Moreover, a person who repairs water purifiers can also be treated as a good source of prime information that you are looking for.

Decide the nature of the water purifier

Understanding the first step will help you to make a decision about the nature of the water purifier you are looking for. Like, whether you are looking for a simple filter that can weed out melted crystals or else a purifier that may kill the microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, etc., or an effective machine that performs both tasks.

Make a list of numerous brands concerning features, costing, and pricing

Nowadays, the market is becoming highly competitive. Various brands are offering distant features cost-effectively. But before that, there is one point which should be considered. However, some institutions provide certification to water purifiers. Hence, this certification is a well-being mark for a customer. You may visit various websites for comparing the features and cost of the water purifiers currently available in the marketplace. 

Determine the maintenance cost of the water purifier-

Before making a final decision, check the maintenance cost of the product which you are willing to buy.

Visit the shop and ask several questions

Lastly, you need to go to a shop and ask for the product which you are looking to buy. Moreover, below is the list of questions that will help you in seeking your informed decision:

  • Ask the salesperson that the water purifier is certified by a well-known institution or not
  • How frequently the membrane requires cleaning or replacement
  • Kindly tell us the warranty details of the product
  • Kindly answer about the after-sales service like how many times free water purifier service a company proposes
  • What is the filtering speed of a RO 


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There is a wide range of water purifiers that are available in the market but deciding the best-suited one as per your desires is the main question that should be justified to yourself. Some companies offer an effective after-sales RO service. Go and grab the best purifiers in your home kitchen now.

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