21 Best HRMS Software for Every Businesses

Human resources management is not an easy task. Human resource professionals have always faced great challenges in attracting the right employees and providing the best employee experience. These challenges can be overcome by using Human Resource Management Software, or HRMS Software. The field of HR technology has advanced tremendously over the years. It has revolutionized how HR leaders function with a steady flow of digital tools and technologies, such as HR software.

Organizations can reduce the amount of manual labour associated with managing their workforce by adopting HR technology. The automation of HR processes makes them more accessible and more efficient. Every organization, from large multinational corporations to small local businesses, is reaping the benefits of HR software.

Top HR Software in India

All this may sound overwhelming. After careful consideration, we’ve compiled a list of top HR software in India and the best global HRMS to help you manage your HR activities.


Zimyo can be your one-stop HR solution. Zimyo can help you manage disengaged employees, solve payroll issues, manage HR activities or measure employee performance. There are 18+ modules available, which you can choose from depending on what you need to automate. All functional modules can be used in the cloud and on-premise. Companies use Zimyo HRMS with 50 to 10,000+ employees to manage their workforce.

Zoho People

Zoho People, a cloud-based platform, offers robust HR solutions to enable HR leaders to manage their workforce, maintain employee databases, and manage benefits programs. It’s a simple yet powerful HR software that allows the HR department to perform complex HR tasks with minimal hassles.

Ultimate Business Systems (UBS)

This is the era of cloud software. With cloud computing becoming so popular, organizations are looking for a digital setup and less usage of paperwork. With cloud HRMS software, there are fewer chances of data breaches and data can be managed more efficiently. Ultimate Business System (UBS) offers the best cloud-based HRMS solution to SMEs and improves overall productivity. 

Bamboo HR

BambooHR is an intelligent HR management platform that allows for efficient management of modern employees. BambooHR is an all-in-one HR software that helps small and medium businesses manage all aspects of the employee lifecycle. BambooHR will enable you to manage all HR activities, including time tracking, payroll processing and benefits administration. With great ease.


ZingHR was founded in 2014 and has helped organizations improve the employee experience by providing comprehensive HR solutions. It is today a leading platform for human resource management. It provides solutions for talent acquisition, workforce management, payroll processing, learning and performance management, among others. It features AI-enabled technology, user-friendly systems and support for over 21 languages.


Kredily is your one-stop-shop for all of your HR and Payroll requirements. This robust software will automate your HR and payroll processes, help you measure employee performance, and keep them engaged. Kredily stands out among the rest because it provides free HRM software and payroll solutions for organizations to automate their workflows.

Beehive HRMS

Beehive HRMS offers a complete suite of HR solutions that will optimize your HR processes. Beehive HRMS, a cloud-based HR software, makes it simple for HR leaders and managers to manage their workforce. It allows for easy attendance and leave tracking and keeps track of all employee data. Beehive HRMS provides intelligent tools to manage HR activities, including performance, payroll, recruitment, and more.


SumHR is the “all-in” HR software; SumHR is a complete HR software that allows startups and SMEs to automate core HR and payroll functions. The system can manage HR and payroll activities, talent management and attendance management with GPS and biometrics, and OKRs to improve employee productivity.

GreytHR Software

GreytHR offers a complete suite of cloud-based HR solutions to help small and medium-sized businesses manage their core HR functions. It provides tools to improve workforce management, simplify HR processes, and provide professional HR services. GreytHR makes HR functions easier and more efficient, from onboarding to payroll HRMS Software.


Keka, a modern HR software that manages employee engagement, was founded in 2014. It provides time tracking, attendance management, leave management, and payroll management solutions. Keka empowers HR leaders to make informed decisions and create experiences that encourage employees to stay engaged and productive at their jobs.

Darwin Box

Darwin Box is an HCM platform designed to automate core HR processes, including recruitment, onboarding and core transactions. The software automates core HR processes and also assists HR leaders in managing payroll, performance, engagement, and employee relations. Darwin Box, a trusted name within the HR software industry, is designed to empower organizations to achieve their goals in real-time.


Freshteam is the best solution for workforce management in growing companies. Freshteam makes it easy for HR professionals to hire, onboard, and hire new employees. Freshteam helps HR professionals to simplify complex HR processes. It also assists them in managing offboarding, employee information, and more.


Qandle, an intuitive Indian HR software, helps companies grow by managing four main domains: core HR and payroll, compliance, travel and expense management, payroll and compliance and travel and expense management. You can leverage the benefits of complete HR solutions to manage your workforce efficiently. You can also use their mobile app to manage your tasks wherever you are.

Pocket HRMS

Pocket HRMS is a complete HR platform that will streamline your HR processes. Pocket HRMS is a SaaS-based HRMS that allows HR professionals to be flexible and scalable, making it easy to bring mobility to work.


FactoHR is a robust HR and payroll software that allows organizations to improve employee experience using cutting-edge technology and tools. FactoHR can help you manage your workforce from HR tasks to hiring and exit management.

It offers core HR and payroll modules and modules for employee onboarding, time and attendance tracking, and training via a learning management system.


PulseHRM automates workforce management. This smart HR software allows you to set SMART goals and manage employee information, leave, attendance, and payroll. This software can evaluate employees, identify improvement areas, train needs, and recognize and reward the best talent.


Zeta HRMS was established in 1998. It is an Indian HR software that offers best-in-class support and service. Zeta HRMS allows HR professionals to manage employee data and evaluate performance. It also allows them to manage leave and attendance, payroll processing and other HR activities. 


EazeWork, as the name implies, is a complete software suite that can handle all your payroll and HR needs. Organizations can manage their workforce much more easily and smoothly.

HR Mantra

HR Mantra has been helping organizations simplify their HR activities since 1998. Its intuitive user interface and state of the art technology have made it a success. HRMantra offers over 250 features that can be integrated into your HR system. It is available in both Cloud and On-Premise models.

Wallet HR

WalletHR is a smart HCM platform that can help you reap the benefits. This HR platform simplifies complex HR tasks and offers an end to end solution. This cloud-based HCM platform allows you to manage the entire employee lifecycle.


HROne is a highly-experienced HR software company that empowers HR teams to maximize workforce management. HROne is an easy-to-use and straightforward HCM platform. It automates HR processes and helps to foster a positive workplace.

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