10 Tips for Improving Character Animation

Character animation is the core part of gaming and video development as it makes the video look more realistic and attractive. It also plays a vital role in promoting a specific brand and as time is passing, many 2D character animation agencies in the USA start adapting the latest technologies to make their projects more effective.


Moreover, character animation can also be used to make a documentary on a certain person to bring life into it.


So, to enhance each tiny detail, below are the useful tips that’ll make your character animation special which are:


  1. Understand the Character’s Movements


One of the most crucial tips for improving character development is to analyze a person’s movements and even think about each sequence. So, the animators must search the internet for the character they want to animate. That’s because it’ll make their character look the same as the real person.



  1. Search for Real-World Citation


Searching for real-world references is important chrome hearts before making your character in your animation software. An experienced animator may even capture the mirror expressions of others or himself including emotions. Or, another easy way is to record the videos of voiceover artists as a reference while animating their characters.


  1. Understand the Gravity


Another essential tip for the improvement of character animation is to understand gravity. As the animators want to make their character look real, so they must know how the gravity will imply while the character is walking, running, or climbing a ladder.


Besides that, adding certain objects like table, and football with more or less weight because if it’s heavy then they’ll fall quicker but if football is light then it’ll take slightly extra time to fall back on the ground.


  1. Time the Character’s Movements


Every professional animator will work in-depth to time every movement of their character while animating. It’s a tip that must be followed or otherwise, the entire flow will be ruined. For example, if a situation is sad then the character must show the emotions on time like crying or having regret.


Or, if there’s a happy situation then the animator must time each emotion with perfection like jumping in the air or hugging its friends.


  1. Secure Basic Animations


After completing an entire sequence of the character, saving it is considered a crucial tip for the future. For example, if the animators have completed a running sequence of a character, then they can edit it later in their animation software if some changes are required.


  1. Notice Real Characters


Noticing real characters about how they interact with others is a sign of successful animators. It’s a tip that everyone must follow to become an animator. The character they animate must express its emotions like a real person is standing in front of you like how he’ll express his anger, laughs, and cries.


  1. Watch Your Videos


The best and easiest tip for animating a character is to watch previous videos of yourself. It’ll give you a better idea of how the character should walk, run, and sits and will give you the advantage of pausing or executing the actions of your characters in slow motion if you want.


  1. Execute Primary Expressions First


There’s an important tip that every animator must keep in mind is to execute the main expressions first. For example, the first frame in every sequence should be fast-paced because mostly the first sequence shows action and fast frames it makes the timing even better.   


  1. Avoid Adding Every Letter for Dialogue


No one focuses on this part but it’s one of the most crucial tips to remember to enhance the character animation. When the animators add dialogue for their characters, the motion of their lips should be in one motion otherwise, it’ll disrupts the flow of dialogue in the form of glitch or lag.


  1. Enhance the Crucial Elements


Enhancing the crucial elements while animating your character can improve the overall detail. For example, if the character you’re making does exist and has a scar on the face then you should also add the same scar to make it more realistic.


Final Thoughts


Character animation is a job that can be enhanced as much as you want by adding some unique creative touch. You just need to follow some tips and your character design will look more cool.


For example, add movements of a real person and time it according to the sequence, avoid adding all the letters in the dialogue to avoid fluttering, and focus on including special elements as well. 


So, if you’re looking to pursue the title of a character animator, just use these tips in your animation, and your good to go.


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